CELLBN Special Energy Mask
  • Brand : CELLBN
  • AGE
  • Features / Efficacy : Contains 98% Natural Ingredients/ Fermentation Essence Boosting/ Outstanding Whitening and anti-wrinkle effect
  • Skin
  • Product Function
  • Weight : 20ml

Product Details (DETAIL)

It is a mask that uses highly concentrated essence ingredient, environmental organic ingredient based without the use of purified water, and 100% organic nonwoven cotton.
Herbal fermented Complex composed of adenosine, KFDA certified anti-wrinkle agent, albutin, with excellent whitening effect, and whitening and wrinkle improvement effect directly developed by World Costc, is quickly absorbed into the skin, cultivating clear and bright skin. It is a mask tailored to the skin to cultivate skin of optimal level by using supercritical extraction, an eco-friendly extraction method, to extract only the most effective materials for your skin.