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Biotechnology Venture Business focusing on R&D

Our company, since its establishment, has been devoting ourselves on research for the world’s best quality, aiming for the high quality cosmetic using 100% natural organic ingredients. As a result, using the research institute established 2010 as a stepping board; we have developed high functional cosmetic, mobilizing basic science and fusion science, using natural ingredients. In 2013, as the world’s first, we have independently developed, patented and listed in the cosmetic ingredient dictionary a natural preservative using only 100% herbal extract, opening up a new turning point in the natural cosmetic field. We were selected as R&D Excellent ‘Venture Business’ based on ISO 14001, ISO 9001 certification, firmly establishing ourselves as the R&D focused Biotechnology business.

NON-STOP Production Power. From product material development to finished product production

The foundation of our company’s research is in materials development of natural ingredients differentiated from existing companies. Since establishment, World Costec has appreciated the future competitiveness that the cosmetic material sector holds. We possess various patented materials that only our company posses based on efficacy research regarding natural materials that are native to our area instead of exported materials. Also, we have jointly developed “Supercritical Technology’ that only extracts advantages by maximizing the superior efficacy with the Jeollanam-do Bio industry Foundation Nano-bio researcher and patented. They are currently being used as the core technology for own brand and the quality of that product is showing a great achievement not only with the domestic consumers but in the world market as well.

A company that pursues healthy and beautiful life

It has been over five years since World Costec has started making natural cosmetics. Within that time, footsteps of many trials and change and challenges of new have been engraved. However, within all the changes, the goal we want to pursue is for all of you, who are using products produced under the name of Word Costec, to live healthy and beautiful life. That is basic and foundation. World Costec, in order to defend this belief, is establishing various business strategies with corporate social responsibility for various businesses that they support to lead a better life for all mankind.

Also, World Costec, as a company dedicated to basics, will constantly try and develop various products such as regular cosmetics as well as development of bio fusion technology, equipment complex technology, foodㆍcosmetic complex technology using 100% natural ingredients within 10 years.

World Costec will become a No. 1 group that will contribute to the nation and local government and strive for common development of mankind.


The beginning of World Costec is in the local farms.

All the products produced by World Costec do not contain purified water but are made from environmentally friendly materials extracted only from plants.

In order to show better and more reliable product, World Costec directly manages the farmers through raw material planting contract with the local farmers and put our effort into checking the raw materials. Vegetative ingredients collected by sprinkling seeds on an unpolluted high quality soil and grown with care, we stick to no pesticide principle. World Costec products include more than 98% of natural ingredients. Until harvesting and producing these materials, the efforts of World Costec and local farmers will constantly continue.

A great invisible power called ‘coexistence (共存)’ takes place between World Costec which ensures secured demand and farmers who are responsible for secured supply. Using the latest scientific technology of World Costec, we aim to draw the infinite potential of nature from our local farmers. World Costec and our local farmer are friends and reliable partners that should help each other to coexist.

Exhaustive belief and confidence in the product.

Through contract signed directly with farmers, World Costec receives high quality raw materials and produces products unique to World Costec, differentiated from other products, through supercritical extraction and 100% natural herbal preservatives, patented as world’s first. We do not use artificially added chemicals to enhance spreadability or absorbability of the product, artificial chemical materials to enhance moisture or artificial preservatives.

We do not tolerate anything artificial.

Because we are confident about the superior functionality and efficacy only through ingredients of nature without adding artificial ingredients, we keep to our principles.
The belief of World Costec, wanting to “coexist(共存)’ with nature should only come from nature and purpose of human.

A promise to the entire humanity with a product made through sincerity. .

World Costec’s belief is for all of us, who are using the products made by World Costec, to live a healthy and beautiful life. In order to keep this principle, we are planning various business strategies that they support in order to lead a better life for the entire future by fulfilling corporate social responsibly. We will be with you with the name of ‘coexistence (共存)’ through World Costec’s product with our sincerity.



Eco Green Business Management
We are committed to minimize the environmental contamination that may occur while managing the company
We only develop eco-friendly product that do not use any chemicals
We think of’ environmental protection’ mission itself as an opportunity element to continual management of the company and consumer satisfaction
Environment that surrounds us, World Costec and consumers, who use the products of World Costec, are one and regulate them to have interdependent relationship
Until the last step of our product sales, we promise to abide the social and ethical responsibilities.
Creating Value for Our Customers
We think of our customers, the starting point of our business, as our priority.
We always evaluate and judge from the viewpoint of our customers
We are always looking ahead to look for the potential needs of our customers.
With the best equality product, beyond our customer’s satisfaction, to fulfill social responsibility, we heighten the value of World Costec.
Sincerely getting closer to our customers as World Costec who receives long term trust.
Ground Breaking
Innovative Research and Development
We look at our work within a big fence called World Costec
We exactly know our strengths
We connect our technology, identity of products and identity of world Costec.
We create maximum synergy effect between the organizational units
We make decisions standing from a viewpoint of long them World Costec value improvement point.
Based on specific business goals, we continue to monitor and complement the results
Using strategic differences, we secure the #1 place in the industry.
Excellent production technology, quality product production
We strive to be a company faithful to our basics
We always challenge the best and try to win in a competition, to aim for the world’s best.