Company Overview World Costec Co. LTD CEO Kang, Sewon Intellectual Property Status Holds 7 patents
Established 2009. 08.17 Industry Cosmetics manufacture and materials development Research organizations R & D Center

World Costec develops natural ingredients, produces cosmetics of excellent quality, and provide opportunity to the mankind to pursue the most beautiful ‘beauty ‘美’in the world.

Also, by coexisting(共存’) with our entire employee and coexisting(共存’) with our customers, we’ll practice respect and these efforts will not be spared until the technology of World Costec reaches all the users, to maintain a happy life.

World Costec, while watching the world’s market and the future in the fast paced cosmetic market, engages ourselves in every work field with “Sense of Responsibility’ of making cosmetics that will be used by our family and pride of “Be Specialist”.


Will(意志) is?

It refers to a process of Realization with a sense of purpose

World Costec is constantly trying to achieve a research method to make the happy and beautiful life of humanity. This is the vision and the future of World Costec. World Costec is a company that keeps pace with the global era to lead the needs of human race

Passion(熱情) is?

It is hot heart. If there is something one desires to achieve, it should be supported by passion.

The passion of World Costec is not unconditional accommodation or acceptance but a productive attitude armed with insight that uses detailed diagnosis to look into the future.
Passion is the driving force of World Costec’s growth despite the numerous difficulties that we have experience over the years.

Happiness(幸福) is.

Happiness is the state of being pleased or feeling completely satisfied.

All the employees at World Costec engage ourselves into work with a hope that all of us can become happy based on fundamental pursuit of individual happiness.