With ‘supercritical fluid extraction’ production equipment, the largest in domestic market, we extract eco-friendly functional natural ingredients.


‘Supercritical technology’ , that maximizes the superior efficacy of each materials to extract only the advantages, were joint researched with Jeollanam-do Bio industry Foundation Nano-bio researcher and patented to be developed into functional material using natural materials.

The advantage of a supercritical fluid extraction

ㆍClean technology friendly to the environment and human health.

ㆍIt is technology that can b applied to high purity/high-quality product processing (selective extraction, heat denaturalization material low temperature processing safe production)

ㆍThere are no residual organic solvent.

ㆍPhysical properties of the supercritical fluid (low viscosity, high diffusion force, strong solvency).


Major facilities equipment

Equipment Type extraction and processing equipment
By equipment name supercritical fluid extraction pilot production systems, continuous furnace, jet mill, bio crusher, ultra high temperature heat treatment, Prep HPLC(separation refining)
Purpose nano-biological material extraction and non-production

Facility owners: Jeollanam-do Bio industry Foundation / Nano-bio researcher

Supercritical fluid before after disposal chamber


Supercritical Fluid R & D equipment room


Supercritical Fluid production main control room


Supercritical fluid test production equipment