2016.11 Establish new manufacturing plant and head offices
2013.12 Gwangju 1st Factory Ware house expansion
2013.10 Industrial complex site selection and contract (A-8 block)
2013.08 Mask pack production line supplementation
2013.08 ISO14001 Certifications
2013.07 07 Jeollnamdo Jangseong-gun Nano Industrial Complex A- * block
(3,305㎡) application of subdivision
2012.05 ISO9001 Certifications
2012.04 Plant Expansion
2009.10 Manufacturers of nonprescription-authorized, food additive
manufacturer authorized
2009.09 Manufacturers of nonprescription-authorized, food additive
manufacturer authorized

World Costec, leading the natural organic cosmetic processing field, is equipped with manufacturing facilities at CGMP level as well as an optimal working environment and production system. Currently, we are expecting the completion of our 2nd factory, equipped with the state of the art GMP technology within the Nano Industrial Complex located in Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do. We are planning to expand into 2 building with Building A where cosmetic production line, office, and R&D will be located and Building B where nonprescription and household goods will be located in a total of 3,305㎡ area. Building A will be in built a total of 3 floors, including the basement, in a 2,475㎡(750pyeong) and in case of building B, it will be built in a scale of 825㎡(250pyeong) for each of the floor in a total area of 1,650㎡(500pyeong). Also, a warehouse expansion in the size of 400 pyeong is in the process of being planned to ensure the production and liquidity of the distribution quantity.

Production line that will be operational at the same time as the factory construction will set the production of cosmetic as its priority and non-prescriptive, living supplies will be ready to be produced. Annual cosmetic production plan is aiming to produce, in case of basic cosmetics, million pieces per item and 300tons of liquid types, 100tons of cream types and 5million mask pack is planned to be produced.

For non-prescriptive and household goods, we plan to operate aiming total of 2million products annually including detergents, disinfectants, cleaners and toothpastes. In addition, we will not only produce complete materials but plan to minimize the imported materials through high added value raw materials of achieved by continual research on Jeollanam-do’s environmentally friendly biological resources. This will reduce the production cost and increase the international competitiveness to continually increase the sales by providing superior quality products. Along with this, it will get the most out of increased local income and stand by manpower of the farmers to contribute to job creation as well as development of local economy.


4 unit traffic line for optimal operation of the process and maximizing the consideration of workplace arrangement
(Workers, raw materials, packaging materials, equipment)

The World Costec production facilities, meeting the requirements of CGMP, ISO22716 regulations, do not tolerate any mistakes in this process.

Division Facility name Holding units Production capacity per month (ton) Remarks
Manufacturing parts Homogenizer 250L 1 set 18 Standard of 8 hours per day
Homogenizer 500L 1 set 40
Homogenizer 2000L 1 set 100
Aji mixer 2000L 1 set 200
agitator 3 set 500
extractor 1 set 10
Production Filling Part Skin Filler Type 1 45 Standard of 8 hours per day
Quantitative Filler Type 1 15
Cream Dedicated Filler Type 1 20
Tube Filler Type 2 30
Mask Pack Filler Type 2 Million items
Production Support Part Labeling 2 set
Deaerator 1 set
Sealing Machine 1 set
Laser Printer 1 set