Skin Care

· Cleanser
As a product that cleanly manages the skin, it completely removes sebum or skin impurities cause by external stress and makeup residue. Since it has both function of cleansing cream and foam cleanser, it is a 2-IN-1 product that can be used to remove makeup and washing of the face with using only the cleanser.

· Essence
It acts to supply the basic nutrition to the skin. It has functions of moisturizing, sun protection, whitening, anti-oxidative and effect of activation, and these effects are provided on the skin at the same time.

· Mask
As a product that maintains healthy skin, it directly provides moisture and nutrient to the skin and makes your tired skin into vibrant and healthy skin. You can experience a greater effect when used before basic makeup (foundation).

· Emulsion
It is an emulsion that holds intermediate characteristics of lotion and cream and has low oil contents and has liquidity. It provides moisture, humectants ad oil that maintains skin moisture balances and functions to hydrate skin and provide flexibility.

· Cream
It belongs to the typical basic cosmetic group because oil, moisturizing agent and water can be blended in a very large percentage. It keeps moisture balance of the skin along with the emulsion and by mostly providing hydration, moisture and oil, it activates skin moisture and flexibility.

· Toilet Water
It is the most fundamental basic cosmetics and is called skin lotion or toner. It maintains skin softness, elasticity and glossiness.

Body Care

· Body Cleanser
It acts to effectively remove skin impurities along with lasting gentle fragrance. Also, natural ingredients selected for the health of the skin calms skin and cultivates into healthy and smooth skin by adding moisture and nutrients.

· Body Oil
It is natural organic oil made by blending the finest botanical oil in an optimal state. It is functional oil that cultivates hydrated and healthy body with its abundant vitamin and fatty acids supply.

Hair Care

· Shampoo
As a product group that becomes the basis for hair management, carefully selected natural ingredients keeps the balance of hair oil and water to control scalp sebum production and dandruff and removes itchiness.

· Hair Essence
As a product group that restores damaged hair so a healthy hair status can be maintained, it acts to make the hair texture smooth by coating the hair. It is a product that creates voluminous style by giving volume to the hair after use.

Functional Cosmetics

· UV Protection BB Cream
It is a smart product that protects the skin from UV rays by blocking or scattering the UV light and covers skin troubles and blemishes at the same time.

· Whitening cosmetics
It is a function product that prevents melanin pigment from being deposited on the skin and inhibits the formation of spots and freckles and at the same time it thins out already existing melanin pigment to aid skin whitening.

· Wrinkle improvement cosmetics
It is a functional cosmetic that reduces or improves wrinkles by giving elasticity on the skin.